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What are aligners?

Invisible braces. Visible smile.
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Advantages of an aligner therapy


Invisible & discreet

Aligners are crafted from a specially formulated transparent material, offering exceptional comfort and near invisibility when worn. They also provide the flexibility to be temporarily removed as needed, allowing for brief periods without the braces


Predictable result

Thanks to digital planning, treatment with aligners is extremely reliable and yields predictable results. We create a 3D simulation of your treatment goal and cater specifically to your individual preferences


Individually customised

Our experts devise a step-by-step digital treatment plan. Throughout the therapy, you will switch your custom-fitted aligners every 1-2 weeks, tailored specifically to your teeth.


Fast results

The average duration of treatment is under 12 months, though many treatments can be completed much sooner. Initial results are often visible within just a few weeks.

Course of treatment

Frequently asked questions

Who is an aligner therapy suitable for?
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How long should I wear the aligners?
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Can I talk, eat and drink with aligners?
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How long does the treatment take?
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What are attachments?
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Are the costs of treatment with aligners covered by insurance?
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I have worn braces before. Can I still use aligners?
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I have worn braces before. Can I still use Invisalign?
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